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Ray Hillier and Tony Hill commenced their apprenticeships with Rolls-Royce Motors service depot in Hythe Road, London, in the early 1970's. At that time the Silver Shadow was in current production and the newest of the Silver Cloud and Bentley S series were barely six years old.

The knowledge, experience, level of service and standards expected at Hythe Road meant that when Ray and Tony decided to start their own business servicing Rolls-Royce and Bentley vehicles in 1985, they knew exactly what they had to aim for to run a successful business and achieve a high level of customer retention.

Over the next three decades, the Hillier Hill team built up an enviable reputation worldwide for excellent customer service and high quality repairs. Restoration projects have included cars as diverse as a Derby Bentley, a Pre War Rolls-Royce Wraith up to and including Rolls-Royce Silver Clouds, Rolls-Royce Corniche and Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith II models. Some of these cars have been prize winners at the RREC Concours and Hillier Hill has been grateful for the opportunity to show cars with clients' permission, but anonymity has always been respected and absolute discretion is assured if and when required.

It is this combination of product knowledge, experience, Concours winning ability and customer care that has an increasing number of knowledgeable and discerning owners and enthusiasts seeking out the skills Hillier Hill has to offer.

Bentley S3 Flying Spur Readying for servicing
Bentley Special on inspection lift
Hillier Hill Workshop
Tectyl Application
Silver Wraith II preperation
Bentley S1 Continentals outside Hillier Hill
Hillier Hill Showroom
Mark VI Convertible
Bentley Park Ward DHC  outside Hillier Hill
Hillier Hill Tent at the RREC Annual Rally
Concours winning Rolls-Royce
Concours winning ribbons and trophy